Friday, July 13, 2012

The reason I never have any time to post...and the reason I started this blog.

So, here it is, July 13th and I am finally writing a new post. I just finished my most recent show, Pomp and Circumstance, which was an amazing experience and I got one definite and another possible job from the show! So now I am in two shows at once for the MN Fringe Festival. I thought I would have time to sew in July...HA! Fat chance. Although tonight I am taking a class on sewing the Collette Iris shorts and I couldn't be more excited! I'm hoping to zip over to the nearby fabric store and either pick up a scarf-print or Echino fabric (I think it's Echino?? The crazy cool Japanese prints with beautiful colors and elephants and birds on them? You know what I'm talking one reader of my incredibly sparse blog).

I do have several other projects I can and will eventually post, but between working 8-5 Mon-Fri (yes, I am at work...but I am waiting on a call back from a vendor, so it's totally legit that I am blogging. Okay, not really. Whatever. I'm making this quick anyway.), rehearsal for two shows (sometimes two different rehearsals in one night! This Saturday and Sunday I have two rehearsals back to back both days...this is uncharted territory for yours truly), voice lessons, and driving to central WI to see my darling dearest (check out this video to see his work in action! He is quite the artist.), not to mention trying to become a domestic goddess (i.e. cooking and cleaning...something I never quite got the hang of :/ ), I have verrrrry little time for sewing, even though I love it. I started this blog because I thought it might push me to sew in the very little free time I have, but you can see how that's gone so far...HA! Anywho, I'm going to this class tonight and hopefully will have many things to post about afterward! Until then... :)


PS: I have been trying and trying and TRYING to install Disqus, but to no avail...can anyone help me out? I would very much appreciate it!