Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My First Blog Post EVER

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog post. This will be short, as I have to work tomorrow at 8am and it is now past by bedtime. I'm not sure where I want to go with this, as I am interested in many things, which is why I thought I'd include two things I am very passionate about: Theatre and sewing (well, fashion really, but recently I made a vow to myself that I would not by any clothes from chain stores and if I wanted something new I had to either get it from a thrift/vintage store (good thing I live in Minneapolis! Wonderful thrifting here...Oh yes...I bet you thought I was from California by the title...nope. I am a midwest girl. My name is Ali) or make it myself. I'm not an expert at sewing by any means, but I do have a sewing machine and I am constantly inspired. My boyfriend Alex teases me over how I have a new idea every three seconds, but it takes me foreverrrr to act on my ideas, mostly because I am scared of my sewing machine. Well, that's not true. But I get overwhelmed and scared that I'll screw up the potential project, so I put it off until Alex tries reverse psychology on me and tells me I'll never get my project done (he really is very supportive, he just knows the right way to motivate me, haha).

Aaaaaanywho, we'll see what comes of this. I will try to keep up with it as much as possible, but I am a verrrrry busy girl so, as I said, we shall see. I'll start posting some old sewing projects soon and also what I'm currently working on (the a-line skirt from the Sew U book, because I received the book for Christmas about 3 years ago and I've never touched the patterns until now).  But now it is time for bed, otherwise I will wake up at 7:15 and be late to work...gotta love those traffic jams (Minneapolis, you are awesome and I am so incredibly in love with you, but we haaaaave to do something about your traansportation issues! Goodnight!

Also, if anyone knows how to change my timezone, I would be grateful. Maybe it's the name, but I am definitely not in Pacific Daylight Time...

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