Saturday, May 19, 2012

My first ever LINED skirt

To anyone who is actually reading this, I apologize for my painful lack of posting since I started (over two weeks ago). I was verrrry discouraged, as my white skirt was not going well for a while (and I've been in rehearsals my week is pretty much go go go from 7 in the morning until 9 or so at night).

BUT I worked on my skirt last night for about 3 hours and now I can post a little bit more about it! I still have yet to hem it, but I'll finish that today and then (hopefully) crank out my first ever Sorbetto! Here are some pictures of my process:

First of all, here is what I'm working with. I live with my sister and I do all my sewing in a little corner in the's not ideal, and I do have to share with a few spiders, which is less than comforting, but hey...everyone has to start somewhere. Maybe someday I'll make them little spider outfits and they'll be happy and leave me alone. Then again, if they really like their outfits, they might keep bugging me for more and possibly tell their other spider friends...yikes. Maybe I'll just stick to being selfish and making clothes for myself.
I got this guy for Christmas from my wonderful mother. The foot pedal doesn't work, but luckily there's this handy automatic sew button on there, so I make do.

Sooooo here's what I was working with for the past couple weeks, before I got up the guts to just go for it and finish the damn skirt:

That plaid thing on top is a tank top that I'm trying to figure out how to take in... 
anyway, the bow was non-existent until last night. The waistband was too tight for button or hook and eye closure, and there was/is a gap between the top of the zipper and wherever/however I decided to close the waistband (I'm definitely still a novice...perhaps I should take "intermediate sewing" off my theatre resume`?  Meh. Soooo I decided a bow would be pretty AND functional...more functional than pretty, considering it pulls the waistband a bit, but whatever. I'll figure it out someday. So I figured that out, then took a long time going back and forth on how to hem it. Do I measure everything on my dressform and pin it where I want it to fall? Nah, instead I laid it out on a table, measured, pinned, and then hacked off a good ten inches with a good old fashioned rotary cutter (are they old fashioned? I don't know, but it sounded good in my head.). So here's what I've got now:

 As I said before, I still need to hem it, but as you can probably see on my face, I am very happy with it and feel very sassy in it. Now to hem it and then get started on my very own Sorbetto!



  1. haha nice job on finally finishing it! Please get rid of recaptcha and install disqus so commenting isn't so difficult.

    1. Thank you for checking it out! I didn't realize commenting was difficult with this. I'll try to install disqus sometime this week, since I can't install anything while I'm at work. Thanks again!